IPMS for Retail Buildings - Public Consultation

The RICS are currently running a consultation on the introduction of IPMS for measurement of retail property.

Concerns have been expressed about the timing of the consultation which expires 10th August although this is part of a wider implementation of the IMPS, guidance for Offices and Warehouses which has already been introduced.

The link for the full consultation is: https://ipmsc.org/consultation/ but I attach the PDF for your easy reference.

The following concerns have been raised by one of our members:

·         Inclusion of WC facilities

·         Inclusion of stairs on the ground floor, dispensing with the 1.5m exclusion

·         Measuring into a window over a plinth if the window takes up more than 50% of the floor to ceiling height

·         Exclusion of tenant studwork

·         Inclusion of the small area between a pillar and a wall

·         Inclusion of lift shafts

·         Inclusion of external seating within IPMS 3B – Retail

Concern has also been expressed that this may have ramifications on the way properties are measured and we would encourage you to provide feedback and comment.

The IMPS Consultation have provided a  form for members to feed give feedback which is also attached and should be emailed to: consultation@ipmsc.org<mailto:consultation@ipmsc.org.