The Subscription Year

The AR Subscription Year begins on 1st April and ends on 31st March. Members may join AR at any time during the subscription year and, the following must be noted:

  • Membership becomes renewable on 1st April each year regardless of joining date
  • Pro rata membership rates are NOT offered for those joining late in the subscription year
  • Refunds are NOT given to members who choose to leave AR during the course of the subscription year

Eligibility for AR Membership

To become a member of AR you (the Company) must be actively engaged in one of the following sectors of the retail industry:

  • Agents and Advisors, Planning and Technical, Landlords and Investors (Developers) or Occupiers
If the Company is new to AR you will be required to obtain a Proposer (in most instances the AR Member suggesting that your Company join AR) and a Seconder (must be a current AR Board Member – a list of whom may be found on the AR website).

Transferring AR Membership

Providing that the annual subscription renewal/new membership subscription payment has been made for the current subscription year, individual Members who leave one company and join another (AR eligible) company may transfer their membership. Members wishing to transfer their membership to a company new to AR would be required to gain a Seconder (must be a current AR Board Member – a list of whom may be found on the AR website). If the member is part of a Gold Membership package, the membership renewal rate becomes applicable.

Membership Guarantee

Accessible Retail has been formed as a company limited by guarantee. The Directors are the current Board members. Each AR member will be one of the members or “guarantors” of the Company. As a member you will be potentially liable to make a maximum contribution of £1 (one pound) should the company become insolvent. I acknowledge that as a member of the Company I may incur liability to contribute to the assets of the Company in the event of its being wound up but that the amount which I may be required to contribute shall not exceed £1.