Accessible Retail (AR), is the trade body which represents the property interests of the retail warehouse and retail park sector of the retail industry. Our sector plays a significant role in the economy and in the retail industry. It accounts for some third of total retail spend and comprises the largest part of investment grade retail commercial property with a value in 2013 of some £49.7 billion. It employs some 750,000-800,000 people offering a wide range and diversity of employment types. AR has over 1000 members comprising retailers, developers, owners/investors and advisers drawn from across the UK; it includes most of the major companies active in the sector.

Our aim is to promote the success of the sector to the benefit of all our members. To achieve this, we undertake four principal activities for members. First, we lobby Government and statutory bodies (including the Scottish and Welsh Governments on matters devolved to them) to provide a regulatory framework (especially regarding town planning, tax and financial issues), which will help the sector to meet consumer demands, improve efficiency and become sustainable. Work is directed towards issues which affect value and income with campaigns being both proactive and reactive. Where expedient, cost effective and our interests are aligned, AR will support the campaigns of other trade bodies and organisations, otherwise it will act directly on behalf of members. Second, it provides professional development and support to members including information sharing and best practice on a range of issues all designed to help members keep abreast of new issues and developments in the sector and to exchange views and ideas about the industry. Third, we organise dialogue and communication opportunities and fourth, we raise funds for charitable purposes. AR is administered by a Board of Directors which meets throughout the year to organise the four principal activities.