Costa has weathered the challanges

Costa has weathered the challenges of 2020

  • Costa was voted the Nation’s favourite coffee shop for the 10th consecutive year in 2020
  • 63 New stores launched in 2020 despite the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • We have worked hard to actively manage the crisis and emerge stronger as a business.

Costa’s 50th Anniversary in 2021

  • The Costa Coffee story began back in 1971 when Sergio and Bruno arrived in London with a burning desire to make great tasting coffee a part of everyday life.
  • Setting up a small roastery in Fenchurch Street, they committed to crafting the finest quality coffee.
  • It was here the Costa brothers blind-tested 112 variations of coffee before they tasted one good enough to be our signature blend. They named it ‘Mocha Italia’ and it remains our signature blend to this day.

Drive Thru Role Out Update for 2021:

  • 2021 marks 10 years since the first Costa DT opened in Nottingham at Castle Marina RP (photo attached)
  • Design has evolved since from the ‘armadillo’ design launched in 2011 to better meet the needs of our customers and reduce development costs for landlords.
  • Costa will reach 200 Drive Thru sites by the end of Q1 2021.

Costa continue to actively acquire new sites.  Our flexible approach to Drive Thru role out across the UK includes the following formats….

  • Drive Thru Lane Only Role – 300sqft pod with drive thru facility (photo attached – latest opening is Roche Services in Cornwall)
  • Small format pod for tight sites – 1250 sqft ( example photo attached at Harrogate)
  • Existing Building Conversion – re-purposing retail park space (example at Romford which is ex KFC)
  • Standard new build 1800sqft – (example DT in Glasgow attached)

New internal concept launched for 2021

  • Launched at Nottingham Edwalton DT on 8th Jan 21
  • Step change on internal offer.
  • Improved digital menu boards
  • Digital order points
  • Focus on speed of service and improved customer experience
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