Reforming the Business Energy Efficiency Tax Landscape

Accessible Retail (AR), is he trade body which represents the property interests of the retail warehouse and retail park sector of the retail industry. We have over 1000 members comprising retailers, developers, owners/investors and advisers, including most of the major companies active in the sector.

Our sector plays a significant role in the economy and in the retail industry. It accounts for a third of total retail spend and comprises the largest part of investment grade retail commercial property with a value in 2013 of some £49.7 billion. A recent research report by CBRE (October 2015) estimates our sector employs some 750,000-­800,000 people.

Accessible Retail is a member of the Green Property Alliance (GPA), a group of membership organisations with an interest in the sustainable development, ownership and occupation of commercial property. The GPA has agreed a general
response to the issues raised in the consultation; AR subscribes to this response, the essence of which is set out in the section immediately below.