Inspector rules out-of-centre food store and DIY outlet would not harm the vitality and viability of a Derbyshire town centre

The 1,944 square metre food store and 1,394 square metre DIY unit were proposed on a site outside the town centre. The council had refused permission stating that applications for retail uses of more than 2,500 square metres would be refused if the impact on a town centre would be significantly adverse.

The appellant's assessment indicated that the food store would have a convenience goods impact of some 9.5 per cent and an overall trade diversion of some 2.1 per cent on the town centre. The council disputed this, but the inspector preferred the appellants’ turnover evidence, finding that it was based on a standard methodology and appeared reasonable. Reviewing the evidence against PPG town centre health indicators, he found that the centre was accessible, contained a diversity of uses, had no noticeable concentrations or harmful overall vacancy levels and pedestrian flows and environmental quality were good.