Will you take on the Dante challenge

Dear Friend,

You may have recently seen an email from my friends at Variety, letting you know how they are responding to the coronavirus crisis.

Now I’d like to share some joy with you all, from my son Dante.

The world is facing an incredibly difficult time at the moment, and I know that families across the UK, like mine, are having to change their usual routines and cope with the added strain of finding entertainment and fun at home. For families looking after children with disabilities, this time is even more difficult and worrying as we try to keep our children safe and well at home.   

To help bring some fun to those families, I would love to share Dante’s version of ‘He’s got the whole world in his hands’ to celebrate all the people out there keeping things going at home. Dante was so thrilled to record with world-famous music producer Mike Chapman, and ‘She’s got the whole world in her hands’ is the perfect way to celebrate all that is brilliant about this world of ours and to thank everyone who is helping us get through each day. We hope you think so too.

Will you take on the Dante challenge?

Dante sang his version of the song for me, as a special thank you gift. I would love to see and hear your versions, for whoever you want to thank. In the US, actor and producer Tyler Perry recently encouraged people to sing the classic spiritual song and share it across social media. I may be biased, but I think Dante’s is even better! By sharing this song, we can build on the challenge and get as many people as possible singing along with Dante, in #DantesWholeWorldChallenge

With your help, we can raise smiles and much-needed funds to help Variety support more children like Dante.

Supporting Dante and Variety with this fun activity couldn’t be simpler. Record your own version of the song, share it with the Variety team on Twitter or Facebook: @VarietyGB, and if you’re able to make a £3 donation you can do that by texting VARIETY 3 to 70085.

If you aren’t a natural singer or are too shy (like me!) you can still help in the following ways:

Download Dante’s masterpiece today here for just 99p

Support Variety’s work with a donation: text VARIETY 3 to 70085 make a £3 donation to Variety, or donate online

I know things seem uncertain and a bit scary at the moment, which is why I think we need this bit of joy more than ever. Take care of yourselves and your families, and thank you.

Rachel, Dante’s mum