Variety - Family and four Youth Clubs received funds raised at AR Christmas Lunch 2018

A huge thank you to Accessible Retail on behalf of Ruth and her family, and the four youth clubs that will receive equipment in time for the summer holidays for their young visitors aged between 8 – 18 years to enjoy when they break up from school.

  • Monitor, wrist monitor & specialist hat for Ruth (IND000566)

Ruth is a 17 year old young lady with complex and uncontrolled epilepsy seizures. Sometimes she may have up to 12 seizures per day. Ruth has memory loss and difficulty in concentrating and is developmentally delayed. There is a risk of serious injury as this has happened in the past following falls and therefore she wears a helmet and needs to be supervised 24/7. Ruth's mobility can be affected too at times and she uses a wheelchair. She has specialist equipment to help her bath/sleep/toilet safely and has assistance with her for all daily activities. She attends SEN School with 1:1 support. The application is for a sleep infant monitor, wrist band for monitoring  and a hat to prevent head injuries. The monitor will help her father to get a proper sleep and alert him if she needs him to look after her. Otherwise he spent night checking on her which results in his lack of sleep and her disturbed sleep as well as a lack for privacy for her.  The hat will prevent head injuries when a seizure occurs. The wrist monitor will allow her to be little more independent because her condition can be monitored through the app and it also raises an alarm for help when needed.

  • Gymnastics Mats for Margam Youth Centre (YTH000165)

Margam Youth Centre is applying for a grant to help with the cost of purchasing new gymnastics mats for their club.  The young people who attend have asked if the club can provide gym mats so they are able to practice their gymnastic skills on a safe protected surface, rather than practicing on wooden flooring. These mats would be a great addition to the club and will help the young people stay safe.  Margam Youth Centre aims to provide as many activities as possible for the community to enjoy.  The youth centre committee work very hard to raise funds which enable them to keep costs down for members of the community and their families. 

  • Wall Zip Wire Block for Woodlands Adventure and Outdoor Learning (YTH000180)

Woodlands Adventure and Outdoor Leaning is a part of Birmingham Boys and Girls Union. Their most popular activity is Zip wire over the lake. The club is open daily from March till October. They need replace trolleys of equipment in accordance with the protocols of the outdoor leisure industry.

  • Pool cues, table tennis, cooking equipment, arts & other equipment for Durham City Youth Project (YTH000175)

Durham City Youth Project have been working with young people since 1933, making it one of the oldest projects in the Durham area. They run a range of youth work activities from detached and outreach, Duke of Edinburgh and centre based, Junior and Senior Youth Clubs. They work with disadvantaged young people from across the Durham area, many of the young people are at risk and have no other contact with youth services outside of school. Their aim is to provide fun and educational experiences that help develop social and emotional capabilities of the young people they work with. The grant is to purchase much needed equipment mainly their weekly junior and senior youth club sessions but will also benefit other groups within the project. The resources will help develop the young people's interests in sport, crafts, cooking and being part of a group develops their confidence and self-esteem. The project provides a safe space for young people to engage positively with adults and their peers, building friendships and skills.

  • Marketing brochures for Central Youth Theatre (YTH000181)

Central Youth Theater is requesting contribution towards the cost of updating membership brochure which Theatre will sent out to young people/parents who make enquiries about joining CYT. The brochure is a vital marketing tool that is used to inform young people about the benefits of membership and the work CYT delivers as an organisation. The organisation also runs a number of activities that are not included in their brochure including their weekly classes ACTING UP designed for young people with disabilities. The brochures were last updated 4 years ago.