Travis Perkins Northern Team 8 Peaks Challenge

I am very pleased to confirm that on Saturday 2nd September 2017 the TP Northern Team completed the 8 Peaks Challenge in full!

The weather was good to us; most of the time it was sunny, we saw The Lakes in their full majesty, which was definitely a boon at times when the going was tough.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all so very much for your support, it makes the challenge all the more worth while.

My Dad had a heart attack when he was 51; the age I am now. So although the primary aim was to raise money for BHF; it also means a great deal to me to take part and to complete the task.

To date as a team we have raised in excess of £3000, but are hopeful this will increase.

There are a few kind souls who said that if I completed the challenge, they would top up their donation. Thank you in anticipation and for that reason only, please see below the link.

Thank you all once again.

Kindest Regards, Phil Philip J Joyce